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At the outset, let me thank you for the wonderful excel for personal tax computation.

I have used your Tax Calculator since 2005 & it is very helpful to us. Thanks for preparing such easy tool to Salary Tax payers.

It is really wonderful to use your income tax calculator which will give me a easy way to calculate and check how much is the tax liability.

I have been using your tax calculator(s) since 2006. You have done an excellent job by preparing this. This helps me a lot when I want to calculate my yearly tax on consolidated incomes. I do suggest to my friends/colleagues also to use your Excel sheet for the tax calculation.

Thanks once again for your wonderful tax calculation tool. I am using your Excel since 1997 to till date. I am recommending it to my friends too. It is very user-friendly and reliable. Best wishes for your happy healthy life ahead.

This is Piyush and I am using your calculator from 2006 onward and it is one of the best IT calculator I have found so far.

We have been using your income tax calculator from many years. Really helpful.

I was a fellow Infoscion back in early 2000s and came across your Tax Calculator for my first ever IT Filing in 2002-03, and having been using it ever since then. I have also been marketing it with all of my colleagues as well. It is one of the finest products that has ever been made. A fan forever...! :)

I have been using your tax calculator for more than 10 years and find it very helpful. Thanks for the same.

I'm using your calculator since 4 years. Every year I am depending on your calculator.

First, thank you for providing this excel. It is very helpful for calculating Tax of our employees.
-Muni Reddy

I have been using your TAXCALC worksheet only for the past 20 years, thanks for your great help.

I have been using your calculator from more than a decade and has been really helpful and have recommended using it to lot of my colleagues.

I've been using your calculator maybe from its inception. Kudos to keeping it simple and professional. Thank you!

Am using your calculator for the past 10 years or so. I really like this sheet and it helps a lot to find out our taxes in advance.

Thanks for a wonderful help you have been extending, I am relying on this sheet from past 16 years and it never disappointed me, the calculations are so accurate to the last decimal.
-Sai Prasanth

I'm an accountant and have been using the tax calculator developed by you since last 5-6 years. Thank you for making our job easier!

Thank you very much for providing the IT calculation file as usual. It is reduced our time cycle drastically on IT calculation.

I have used your tax calculator since 2001. It's awesome to see that Nithya's calculator still same - easy to use, highly accurate and maintained over 20+ years.

I am a fan and an influencer for your tool. Been using your tax calculation sheets for the last 4+ years. Great tool and handy for personal tax computation. 98% works out great. Thanks a ton.

Namaskar and my sincere thanks for your excellent service to our LICians by sending well designed Tax calculator every year.

Thanks for your Taxcalc worksheet. I appreciate your sincere effort for sharing such a useful tool.

I have been using your Tax Calculator throughout my job life, which is more than 20 years now. Sometimes I get a doubt whether my company is also using the same calculator as the amounts are tallied 1-1. Thanks for your efforts in maintaining this for years.

We have been using your tax calculator since so many years for employee tax projection and it's user-friendly for everyone in the country.

I am one of the happy users of this tool, provided by you year over year. I share it with my friends and colleagues, who find it very useful as well.

Thanks for latest update. I have been using Tax Calc since your first edition. Your efforts are much appreciated and it has been very helpful to me. I also share the same with my friends and colleagues.

Thanks Nithya, Your Tax Calc which i have been using for almost more than 10 years or more than i remember is really helpful.

Thank You, been using this for many years, most user friendly utility I have seen around Salary planning!

Big fan of your tax calculator. Been using it since 2003!

Thanks for providing the tax calculators every year. I have been using this tool for more than 10 years.

I've been using your tax calculator since many years. I've suggested this to many of my friends too. Thank you very much for this nice calculator.

I have been using your tax calculation spreadsheet since I started working as salaried person. It is always easy and quick to use this file.

I'm happy user of the tax calculator created by you from 2008. Thanks for the great service you have been providing to all of us.

I have been using your tax calculator since 2003. You have been doing very well and congratulations. And all success in all your future endeavors.

You have been helping others for last 10 years(At least that I know of). Though I don't file taxes in India anymore, I can't seem to ignore a great effort. Thanks a ton man. If you ever need a beer, it is on me.

I love your sheet and I rely on it a lot. Keep up the good work.

Thanks for the wonderful Calculator, I am using the same for more than 12 years now.

I have been using your TaxCalc for many years now and I recommend to many of my friends. My sincere thanks to you and appreciate your service/effort in this regards.

I have been a regular user of your calculator since quite a long time (almost from the beginning). Thanks a lot for the good work. Keep it up.

I am using your tax calculator for last 8+ years, it is excellent tool for my tax calculation. Thank you very much for creating such tool and sharing with all.

I am one of your oldest follower of this tax calculator. I am very happy to get all the updates from you.

Thanks for the mail and latest Tax Calculator. You are doing a fantastic job and very helpful to senior citizen like me to file their return without the help of any Tax Consultant. God Bless you.

Hi, I am a Structural Design engineer from Pune. Usually I don't prefer to use spreadsheets made by somebody else, I do all my calculations myself to the required accuracy using the spreadsheets or macros. I never felt the need to referring to someone else's work. Income tax calculation is one of the most important calculations, and I would have created a sheet of myself. But having used yours I never felt of creating one. I have been using your tax sheets ever since 2007-2008. Great work, the tax sheet works for the majority of salaried employees and is very simple. VERY VERY SIMPLE.. Really a great job. Believe me, when one starts creating a calculation sheet, they usually end up making a too detailed sheet usually difficult to use for someone else. The sheet created by you is really perfect. Thanks for making our lives much easier. Everyone in my office use your tax calculation sheet and they are all satisfied with the calculations.

The Calculator is very well created and useful for people with many complications in their income, be it in Salaries and perquisites, Capital Gains or from other sources. Mr.Nitya has taken lots of trouble to help Income Tax payers of all levels. I thank for his efforts.

I am a retired HR person but have been using your tax calculator for ages during my work life too. Thank you for a yeomen service that you are doing for the common people.

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